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    Saturday, March 16, 2019

    Best Ringtone App for Android

    Best ringtone app for android.The best of android app that turned the coin upside down is not a single one. The android gadgets are craze full for youths and that makes the ring tones quite popular. 

    The zedge app is offering with millions of ringtones, notifications, alarm sounds and HD wallpapers that would easily customize the phones, tablets or other mobile devices. This has managed to help join 200 million people worldwide to rely on ZEDGE. For its properties, this is best ringtone app for android.  

    Some new features of explore
    • This is providing with customization service for the wall papers even further by adding stickers. 
    • The users can browse premium contents to choose an HD wallpaper or ringtone from talented artists.
    • Discover page features stylish ringtones and wallpapers that are picked just for the users. 
    • You can save favorite as you can scroll ringtones and backgrounds then can view them all in the same place. 

    Beautiful HD wallpapers with ZEDGE
    • Search or browse a good number of custom sized backgrounds to match your phones home screen or lock screen. 
    • There are a good number of themed collections available which includes brand name HD wallpapers and lock screen backgrounds from major movies and sport events. 
    • Provides with free live wallpapers that would let you set the moving images as your background or lock screen. 
    • Enjoy popular HD wallpapers for your home screen backgrounds from major movies and sport events. 
    • Provides with free live wall papers let you set moving images as your background or lock screen. 
    • The users can also enjoy popular HD wallpapers for your home screen or lock screen from a good set of categories like landscapes, abstracts inspirational quotes, sports, entertainment as well as live wallpapers and other images. 
    • Use of cropper tools to personalize the image or live wallpaper for home screen or lock screen. 
    • Update your wallpaper and lock screen as often as this is completely free. 
    Using the ZEDGE ringtones

    To use the ZEDGE ringtones, you can follow the way with:-

        • Navigate to the www.zedge.come on your computers internet browser. 
        • Register for a zedge account which is optional.
        • Select which phone you are using.
        • Use the search bar to find the ringtone
        • Click on the name of the song
        • Click on the blue “get ringtone” button.

    For this step you will be passed on to a small window with several options depending on the phone. 

    Then download will help you save a copy of the ring tone on your computer to be put on your phone later. With the use of your Smartphone’s QR scanner that is downloadable at the app store, the option is going to send the ringtone right to your phone. 

    Next send to mail where you can send a copy of the song to your email account and can help you get songs on the phone that don’t access the internet. This will need to have a registered zedge account. 

    Next save the ring tone to your system or you can “view the file” with using the iTunes or another media browser. Then save the ringtone some where you can easily find it like your desktop. But if you have an issue in sending mail. Then zedge will send you ringtones as an attachment along with pone specific instructions on downloading. Then plug your phone into your computer as almost every phone today comes with cables that are made to link your phone to the system. This is mostly done through the USB port. 

    Using the phone media browser to put the ringtone to the mobile
    The media browser is the location where you can manage the songs, pictures, ringtones and many more on the phone. So looking to the general outline for adding media with any browser is:-
    • Open the phones suggested media browser. Often this will happen automatically when you plug in your phone.
    • Then click file -> import within media browser and follow further to find your ringtone. 
    • Tap and drag the ringtone in phone by visiting the media browser. 
    • If this doesn’t work, then check out the windows specific advice for adding ringtones to the android, iPhone and other phones.

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