Samsung Smart watch SM V700 full specs, review, features, specifications, launch date, hands on

Before you think about Galaxy Note 3 or any apple iPhone think again because the Korean giant is reportedly making a smart watch which is dubbed as Samsung Smart watch SM V700 and Samsung Smart watch SM V700 is observed listed on Zaumba. The listing suggests that Samsung Smart watch SM V700 is dispatched from Korea to Bangalore via air cargo services.

The listing on Zaumba clearly shows that SM V700 is a smart watch. If we observe the picture below that are taken From the trading site Zaumba we get to know that Samsung Smart watch SM V700 is send to India for Research & Development purpose [ R&D ] and in the description of receipt it is written that Samsung watch SM V700 is watch or mobile accessory.


Samsung Smart watch SM V700 price

Only three units of Samsung Smart watch SM V700 sent to India and in the receipt the price of Smart watch SM V700 is also mentioned i.e. INR 24,442 but we can’t tell you surely that this price of Samsung Smart watch SM V700 is price for buyers or this price may vary after finishing Research and Development works.

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Samsung Smart watch SM V700 availability

The Korean electronics giant company did not given any clue about the exact launch date of Samsung Smart watch SM V700 but we hope that once the research and development work on Samsung Smart watch SM V700 finished by the Indian techno technicians the Samsung Smart watch SM V700 will turn its face to the market.

There is no words about exact price and launch date of Samsung Smart watch SM V700 but it is clear that the Korean giant is very eager and angry to occupy a large market share in country because on 4th of September he is going to launch Galaxy Note 3 series and we also hope that on the event of Berlin they will also launch Samsung Smart watch SM V700 or they tell something interesting related to Samsung Smart watch SM V700.

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