Fitbit force Reviews, Price, features and Much more

There are a lot of wristbands out lately providing great features and functions. Most of the wristbands help you to track your fitness activities and also serve the purpose of your wrist watch, but Fitbit force is unique in itself.

Fitbit force Review

Fitbit force Reviews, Price And Features

A WATCH, A BRACELET: Fitbit has launched many products in the past with exciting features but the $129 Fitbit Force is unique in itself. The OLED Display will let you know how many stairs have you climbed in a day. Fitbit force will help you to keep track of your calories burnt, steps you took, distance travelled in a day. It also allows you to set alarms for upcoming events.

If you want to start a sprint you can start the stop watch which can be accessed by long pressing the lone button. Fitbit promises that you will be able to see all the incoming call notifications of your Fitbit force with one condition being that you are using iOS 7. Fitbit claims that Force can run for 7 to 10 days as it is having long lasting battery backup.

PERSONAL TRAINER : Fitbit has developed special apps for Fitbit force which are compatible with both iOS and Android. You can connect your Fitbit force with your iPhone and other iOS devices with the help of a Bluetooth connection. You can sync your details of workout which will include distance travelled, steps taken, calories burnt with your Fitbit force and your iOS device.

If you are thinking that Fitbit force will only help you in keeping in shape by helping you in workout you are wrong as it will also help you in maintaining your diet. Fitbit has a database which includes the most popular food items and using this you can track the amount of calories consumed by you each day. Fitbit will also track your sleep timings.

If you forgot to enter your sleep timings don’t worry as you can enter your sleep and wake up time the next morning and Fitbit will automatically input it into its records. Fitbit Force is one of the best fitness bands which is ever made till yet. Its major competition is with Nike’s Fuel band.

NOT FOR FASHION FREAKS : If you are thinking that this wristband will help you to increase your fashion statement then we would like to say that your thinking is wrong because the wristband is only available in two colors with one being pink and the other one being black. You might also find it difficult sometimes to adjust with the rubber snaps. So we think that fitbit force can’t be used as a gadget for identifying ones fashion statement.

OUR VERDIC : In the end we would like to conclude that we were impressed by the design, battery life of the Fitbit Force. Seeing an OLED display was a great addition in Fitbit Force. The things we didn’t liked about the Fitbit force were that this is not the prefect replacement for your smart watch. You might feel uncomfortable if your Fitbit force gets wet.

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