Best smartphone browsers for Android & IOS Users

Built-in mobile web browsers are found in almost all the smartphones. So, people continue using these for browsing internet. Least do they know about the fact that their browsing experience may reach to a great new level if they use some of the best rated web browsers.

Best smartphone browsers

On computers, people are familiar to working with different web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. But on a mobile, they are almost ignorant about some of the most efficient web browsers.

6 Best smartphone browsers


The Opera Mini is the web browser which enables us to browse with a great speed, and an incredibly pleasing design. And the most important of its features is that it uses just about one-tenth of the data compared to the other browsers. Nowadays, we also find an Opera Mobile option, which is a bit different from the Opera Mini. If you want to find out the best version of mobile Opera Mini for your mobile, just go on to to detect the best one.

2.Skyfire :

Are you tired of the annoying flash messages? Then Skyfire is the solution to all your problems. This app is available for Android as well as the iPhone. Skyfire is claimed to be the most social and also the smartest mobile web browser. Skyfire has a greatly customized toolbar, which can be used to enable or disable features that are based on browsing preferences.

Moreover, Opera Mini comes with an attractive Facebook QuickView feature which enables one-touch access and easy loading. It has a Fireplace Feed Reader, Related Ideas, Popular Pages, and Facebook like buttons for every page for sharing easily.

3.UC Browser

Speed and dependability are two of the most seeking features of the UC Browser. This web browser is available for both iPhone and Android. It enables less data usage and faster browsing experience using high-end compression technology delivered by a server. This is one such browser which provides amazing animation capabilities for beautiful visuals and navigation. This browser has gone through many up gradations, so, this mobile web browser never disappoints users.

4.Mozilla Firefox :

Having an Android smartphone, enables you to download Mozilla Firefox browser. If you are comfortable using Firefox on your desktop or laptop, then probably this is the most perfect mobile web browser for you. This is because Mozilla Firefox on mobile has similar kind of customizations as Mozilla Firefox on our computer.

Using this browser, you’ll be able to sync all your bookmarks, tabs, passwords and history between your mobile browsers and computer’s browsers.


Are you using an iOS device? Then, Safari web browser is probably the default built-in web browser in your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Safari is not available for Android users. One of the most salient features of this browser is that it has convenient zoom-out and zoom–in features, which enables easier browsing. An amazing visual experience is observed while watching videos with You-Tube and Retina Display makes HD browsing clear to the naked eye.

6.Google Chrome:

Most of Us love Google Chrome and Use it as Our First Choice browser on our PC, Google chrome is also available for your Smarphones and as you love to use it on your PC, you will also love to use it on your mobile, Not much to say about this awesome Browser because its well known and many people are already using it.

With this Completes our List of Best smartphone browsers for your Android or IOS and thier Cool Features.

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  1. Dolphin, chromea and firefox are the best browser for any android phone. You can go for other options but these three browsers are awesome to use.

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