Fix Blue Screen of Death In Windows easily

Blue Screen of Death In Windows

Do You have a problem with the Blue Screen of Death In Windows ? You want to repair your machine and get rid of this annoying blue screen? In this article, we will see a procedure that you may follow to determine what is the cause of this problem and how to resolve it. The blue screen of death also abbreviated ... Read More »

Meet the all new HTC One M8 – Specifications & more

HTC One M8

It was one in all the foremost automaton smartphones Leakes, whether or not in terms of rumors, speculation up videos of grip smartphone. But, as may be expected, therefore, the Taiwanese manufacturer has simply formalize, at a special event in London, the launch of the HTC One M8 , whose name was maybe the sole unknown in Table. In his gap ... Read More »

MS Office for iPad is Comming soon your way

MS Office for iPad

Using MS Office in iPads is the latest trend among the customers Those days are gone when people used to carry their heavy and bulky laptops everywhere they travelled because of the office projects and other related jobs.But look at the people today, they are free and relaxed without carrying the baggage with them. This is all possible because of ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: leaked specifications

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung may have barely enough time to start another extent of tablets Galaxy Tab Pro , however the organization is likewise equipping its future tablets ease cutting edge. Right away it appears that most specifications for at any rate the following two tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 have been uncovered and transferred by Guy Android. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 leaked ... Read More »

Microsoft would consider a free version of Windows 8.1

free version of windows 8.1

Everyone realizes that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have an enormous issue. In particular, it is disagreeable. Exceptionally disagreeable. Actually, Windows 8 and 8.1 are so disliked, as last January, Net marketshare, which tracks utilization detail of the working framework, reported that the joined together piece of the overall industry of both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is 10 , ... Read More »

Nokia Android smartphones are here – Nokia X X + and XL

Nokia, X, X +, and XL

Nokia’s assumed transgress with Android turns out to be a sharp move to pull in additional clients to Microsoft administrations. In the meantime the Finns blend up the value war with modest smartphones with Nokia X X+ and XL keeps on growing.  Nokia Launched Nokia Android smartphones with dual sim. Nokia CEO Stephen finally announced Nokia Android smartphones and added , it ... Read More »

Samsung Smartwatch Gear 2 and Gear Neo Review

Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung Smartwatch Gear 2 have Better camera and is less in weight The gear 2 offers comparable engineering as the Samsung first Smartwatch -for example, a high-differentiate 1.63-inch show witt 320×320 pixels determination.In any case, the new Samsung Smartwatch is lighter and slimmer. The resolution is, as it was at the first gear, two megapixel camera.Sounds like very little, but the ... Read More »